I am a post doctoratoral researcher at the Astronomy Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and an ALMA Support Scientist for the Czech Node of the European ALMA Regional Center based in Prague, Czech Republic. I obtained my Ph.D. and master’s degree from the University of Florida. My last name is pronouced More-/a/-vick (long a).

I am passionate about radio galaxies and being a radio astronomer.

My research interests are active galactic nuclei (AGN), radio galaxies, galaxy clusters, and radio interferometry. Broadly speaking, I investigate the evolution of AGN, radio-AGN in particular, using a variety of methods. Currently, I am investigating the similarities and differences between X-ray binary and AGN accretion states using the radio morphology of the jets and X-ray and UV measurements of the AGN (see a more detailed explanation). I am also interested in the effect of environment on radio-AGN evolution. To this end I have conducted several studies on radio-AGN in galaxy clusters at z~1 in which I investigated correlations between the characteristics of the radio-AGN and the characteristics of their host cluster (see see a more detailed explanation).

Beyond the pleasure of producing research products, I also enjoy the processes required to produce results. I am a self-taught radio astronomer and truly enjoy the processes of interferometry and imaging.

I thrive at the intersection between science and the public. I have a passion for science communication and engaging all ages in the thrills of scientific discovery. Wherever my career takes me, I look for opportunities to participate in and organize public outreach events. My scientific background and my desire to use that knowledge to impact society together drive my pursuit of and involvment in science policy. Outside of my science career I enjoy training for and partcipating in triathlons, hiking, collecting and playing board games, and enjoying the nature of the area I live in.

Lastly, I am the proud owner of several radio telescope necklaces made by Amy Davis Roth. You can find me at any professional event wearing these!

Radio telescope necklaces.